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  With Polystyrene as the main raw material, Taige XPS is a lightweight sheet after continuous extrusion by a special process. The closed-cell structure inside makes it the best choice of energy-saving and environmentally friendly construction. 1、Excellent thermal conductivity and thermal resistance The special structure of more than 99% closed cells forms a vacuum layer to avoid the flow of air. Compared to 80% closed cell of polyurethane foam, its advantage of insulation performance is self-evident. It is proved that for 20mm thick XPS Foam Board, its thermal efficiency is equivalent to 50mm thick EPS foam, to 120mm thick concrete perlite. 2、High compressive strength Its compressive strength is more than 100~1000Kpa, which can withstand the loads from around. It is widely used in geothermal project, highway, airport runway, , cold storage and other fields. 3、Moisture resistance and no water absorption The rate of water absorption is an important parameter to measure insulation materials. Its thermal insulation properties decrease after water absorption. At low temperatures, water inside can be easily frozen, resulting in the lower performance of compression and insulation for the destruction of structure. The advantages of Polystyrene -- no water absorption, stability of molecular structure, seamlessness, prevent leakage, seepage, frost, and condensation will not happen. 4、Light weight and easy to use Its characteristics of light weight and high strength for the closed-cell structure inside insure it easily cut, transported and installed. 5、Excellent stability and corrosion resistance Qualified XPS can maintain excellent performance for 30 to 40 years, without decomposition, mildew, or volatility of toxic substances. 6、Environment-friendly The national quality inspection identifies its stable chemical properties, no volatility of hazardous substances, without any industrial pollution during the production process, so it is the best environment-friendly building materials.